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photo credit: Erin Miller

My clients get a responsive photographer, someone who cares about them.
They get a photographer who loves the magic that light plays on the world around them. They get someone who not only pays attention to the details but who also likes to add a little fun and adventure to every shoot, in search of new ways to reveal the hidden beauty that is always there.

I’ve lived in Northern California for more than a couple decades now, working primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and everything in between. I love to travel and take advantage of any opportunity to shoot away from home.

When I was growing up, my family moved every two or three years, so while I never stayed rooted, I did learn how to dig in quickly. Thankfully I can credit my mom for the gift of a natural ease with people because, like her, I was always able to make new friends and lasting connections. And now, by establishing a similar rapport with my clients, it’s easier to learn their story, their interests, and what and how they love. Then, I can focus on capturing the feeling of the moment with my camera. Every event is unique. Every event is personal.

About The Huntress 860

PHOTO: The Huntress by Robert Little

Back when I ran my recording studio, I brought in couches and rugs so the musicians could loosen up like they were jamming in their own living room. With photography every situation is different, but I strive for the same comfortable feeling. The relaxed attitude also brings out the best in my clients. Behind that calm exterior, I have the experience to know when I need to step forward and bring a little order to a situation, or guide the way to a creative solution. I let my clients know I’ve been in their shoes, nervous or concerned about the details. It is important they know I care, and that I’m there for them.

One of my florists tells her clients how physical and adventurous I am in the pursuit of a unique image. I thought she had something there because for me, I like my clients to be the same way!

What my clients don’t often see is how focused I am on the inside when I’m working. At a wedding it’s necessary to keep several threads going at once. There’s the main story I follow, starring the bride and groom, but I am also constantly scanning for those supporting stories that make each event I cover unique and personal. The Uncle warming up his violin, the flower girl playing on that luscious red couch, or the groomsmen setting up a prank are all scenes the bride and groom are too busy to notice. For me, it’s all the little stories together that paint the perfect picture.

About Lisa Richmond Fisheye 200

I love to push the boundaries a bit (this will make my high school teachers laugh) – to experiment and work in unique environments that add dimension to an image.

I first became a photographer because of my love of light. I was fortunate enough to study at the Newhouse School of Communications, majoring in photojournalism, at Syracuse University in New York. As I developed my passion for capturing stories, I decided I wanted to study photo illustration, where I learned about lighting and creating scenes. As a journalist I know how to hunt for a story and stay invisible, even when I’m in the thick of things. As an illustrator I know how to direct a shot: “Hey, let’s move over a few feet– your blue eyes will light up next to that big yellow wall.” By adjusting the light and staying connected to my subject, I try to bring forward the beauty in the little moments of life, to reveal the emotion that lies beneath the surface of the image.

About Skiing 200

Yes, that’s me, with a little help from Photoshop. When I’m not shooting, I’m steeping in music, skiing, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and hanging out by the fire.

I’ve been a photographer most of my life, and that experience has allowed me to develop the critical skill of anticipating the perfect moment. My passion for the creative process, and my sense of the subtle interplay of light with the world around us, keeps me open to new perspectives and ways of making a photograph.

Lisafam Eddie

Photo by Eddie Bojorquez @ Studio512, many years ago

I’ve long settled in since the days of moving every few years. I live with my husband and children, and work out of our home in serene Pollock Pines, California. I’m so grateful to work with so many creative, loving, and fascinating clients. And I get to do it all the time! I’m also blessed to now call many of them my friends. Please look over what they say about their experiences with me. Their words remind me of what I love so much about my work.

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