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Paizlee, El Dorado High, Class of 2024

I feel old. Isn’t Paizlee still three years old? Well, she is not. She’s still beautiful and kind- just the adult version. In fact she graduates from ELDO this May after completing her senior year with online classes from ELDO. I love that this is offered for some students as everyone learns differently and sometimes the drama of a big high school isn’t the right thing. Finishing school this way has enabled Paizlee to have a job at Gut Racing where they make dirt bike seat covers. Over two decades ago(that’s 20+ years if you’re counting) I first met the

Mirielle, Rio Americano, Class of 2024

Wow! What a site the Rose Garden is at McKinley Park is in Sacramento right now! I highly recommend a Golden Hour stroll through the uncountable varieties of roses. Additionally, having a subject as naturally beautiful as Mirielle made it especially fun for me AND at golden hour. Let’s just say, I was not the only photographer in this garden. There were lots of us, unlike her sister Acacia’s senior session, a few years back during the Covid pandemic where we chose a quiet riverside location along Highway 50, that we had to ourselves. Currently, Mirielle is interning as a

Josh and Melissa

After enjoying a very snowy engagement session with Melissa and Josh earlier this year, I got to know them a little better. I love engagement sessions for that reason- it gives the opportunity, outside of a busy wedding day for a couple to get to know me and how I work and I get to know them, individually and also how they interact as a couple. This information can be priceless, especially on a day when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. Little did we know at the time that their wedding day would bring in more weather, this time