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Jordan Neal, School of Engineering and Science, Class of 2024

I’ve photographed Jordan’s family over the years many times including weddings, pregnancy, birth, family….and now they are living in Belgium where Jordan will join them to attend University upon graduating from his high school in Sacramento and he can’t wait! We met up for golden hour last week and captured some images to mark his achievement and it was great reconnecting with him since it has been years. He is sweet, kind and confident- eyes wide open with the world in front of him- and he is ready and looking forward to what is next. He enjoys bowling and the

And now a family of 4, at Baldwin Beach

The last time I met up with Elizabeth and Greg we were at Sand Harbor and Hudson, their oldest now, was getting ready to make his grand appearance. This was in 2019. Now Hudson is almost 5 and Perry is almost 4. Super cute and ALL BOY! We ran, we built castles, collected pinecones, looked for critters and at the end we succumbed to the lake. They were ready. Thanks, Elizabeth and Greg and also to my husband Jeff who joined me on this one to help with the reflector.

Whitney and Spencer celebrate their marriage at Sierra Vista Vineyards

Whitney and Spencer eloped to Sequoia National Park in mid-May opting for a simple ceremony that was just the two of them (and their officiant and photographer) and celebrated their love of that forest.