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Lisa Richmond is a master at her craft! She has captured my family photos and milestones for years now. I look at her photos as art and I am so grateful to her for capturing these moments in time. She is patient and kind (as working with crabby teens is tough!) and does what ever it takes to get “the” shot. She has an eye that most lack and does brilliant things with light! She takes her time to create a comfortable environment and makes it a fun event. When it comes to capturing monumental moments Lisa Richmond will always be our go to photographer. Thank you Lisa!

—Andrea Wagner

“Lisa absolutely blew our minds when she photographed our wedding. She was so great! She was so enthusiastic and drove to the Bay area to shoot our engagement photos from the Sierra Foothills. She just knows how to make everything work, from beginning to end she made sure our event was remembered perfectly without getting in the way. EVER. So not only is she invisible when she needs to be, she is also fun, energetic and dedicated.”

—Chris and Cherise

“Lisa is amazing! She has captured moments of love, anticipation and excitement since our engagement 8 years ago up until the latest addition of our 2nd daughter at the beginning of this year. It takes a true artist to be able to spot that perfect burst of light and illuminate the most candid and sincere moments; whether capturing the details and energy of a wedding, making a new mother feel at ease as they navigate new terrain or patiently guiding a bouncing two year old into focus she can do it all with grace and ease. Lisa’s professional talent and visualization is unparalleled. Inviting Lisa to capture your precious moments will surely bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart for years to come.”

—Michelle and Tim
Pregnant woman taking in the sunset on a mountain top.

“You made me feel beautiful and made me smile and laugh and be comfortable in my own (very stretched) skin. You were patient and kind and your talent and knowledge showed in all that you did tonight. You have my favorite quality in a person…. you are easy. You’re comfortable and an instant friend. And I know it seems I fall in love with everyone I meet, but Jake most definitely does not and the first words out of his mouth after dropping you off were, “yeah, she’s awesome.” And that…. that’s really saying something. So my friend, thank you.


“Thank you for capturing my child through ‘a mother’s eye’.”


“These photos live, sing, breathe, dance, sometimes shout with life. They’re art!”

—Karla G.


Every day I get to capture people as they move through time and many of the moments that matter. As an artist I too grow, change and move through time too. I am continually awed by those that allow me the honor to capture their love and life with my camera. I’m also incredibly inspired by outdoor adventures, travel, playful people, live music and amazing light. Let’s go find it!

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