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Cara and Justin – Marrying this September at Lakeside Beach in South Lake Tahoe.

Engagement sessions are definitely the best way to get in front of the camera before your wedding day. For me, I get to spend some time getting to know more about the couple and what their connection is with each other, all prior to their big day. For the couple, they get to know me

Liz is heading to USF

I recently met the Hough family at Sly Park Lake to celebrate Elizabeth’s graduation from Union Mine High School this past May. Of course, I wanted to make sure we captured the whole family too, as this is a big milestone. Being able to watch your child graduate from High School is an important milestone

Elena and Josh – Wind Rush Vineyard

High on a hill, with rows of vines shimmering in diffused light and gently sloping southeast, Elena and Josh exchanged vows at the home of Elena’s parents, Tim and Karen Jolly, owners of a beautiful vineyard and farm, WindRush. Out in the mid-day sun of a vineyard, this exposed location could have sent us photographers