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Aidan is graduating from Ponderosa

On the morning of the eclipse I write this post about Aidan, a future space engineer. Last week, we met up and tromped around through the woods off of Bass Lake Road to a favorite mountain biking spot that this Class of ’24  “graduate to be” wanted to share. While likely Cal Poly bound this fall to study Mechanical Engineering, his plans extend further to a Masters in Aerospace Engineering. One day he expresses, “I want to work for NASA building the habitats astronauts will live in, on other worlds”. THAT, I’d say is a plan! When not shuttling off

The Johnson Extended Family

Four generations of the Johnson Family gathered in Sacramento this past Easter weekend. We met up at Charles C. Jensen Botanical Gardens in Fair Oaks to capture some photographs of them all together since it had been a while. Let’s just say with five kids five and under, we all had our hands full but I think we got some great shots. Kudos to Brittany for organizing this photo session as it can be hard to add more to your plate when you have a young family. More to come from this one but here are some of my favorites.

March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County

Ahhhhh. Wow, look at that sunset…look at the sunlight through the trees…moonlight on still water…sunlight on a spider web…the sparkle in your eyes. Without light, I’d be out of business, plain and simple. As I write this, it is the first day of Spring, when more abundant sunshine signals renewal, beginnings, and a return to warmth. This is making me think about the importance of light in our human experience. Being a witness to that human experience is a huge aspect of my job. I’m lucky to love my job, I know. I’m gearing up for a busy Spring and