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It’s puppy time!!!

It’s puppy time. Bring on the Bichons. Getting to spend a couple of hours smothered in puppy love was just what the doctor ordered after all of this snow and rain. I was so glad when Laura asked me to come out to visit before they all those fluffy white cuties went to their new

Dancing her way towards graduation – Macy, Class of ’23 – Part 1

SNEAK PEAK OF THE TALENTED MISS MACY in the dance studio at On Stage Productions in Placerville (senior photos part 1). She’s such a lovely human and it was a wonderful morning spinning, jumping, pointing, and laughing. (rinse and repeat). Looking forward to part 2-hmmm what are we going to do, where are we going

Elora Soleil is One- a family session with the Colbys

When we first moved to Pinewood Lane in 2000, we were just married and had bought our first home. Jaz, our first daughter joined the neighborhood about 15 months later. When the Colby’s moved in, it was just little Kai at that time and it reminded me of our early days here. 22 years later,