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Thanks for stopping by. Check in every so often to see recent photography sessions, weddings, and family fun. I also post little tidbits about my life and work so you can get to know me a little better. Take a peek, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

The McCurry Family – Larsen’s Apple Barn, Camino

Keith and Leslie are expecting their fourth child in June. This time they decided not to find out if they would be having a boy or girl. Since they already have one or more of each – Steve (7), Miles (4) and Aubriella (2) – this one’s all about the surprise.

Although four children might sound like a lot of work, I can see why this couple enjoys a larger family; they simply take it all in their stride. Inevitably kids will wander in and around during the session while you’re focused on other family members. Yet,  I was amazed at Keith’s calmness as he scrambled to gather-up children heading for the muddy stream(sometimes in mid-kiss to Leslie) in their crisp, white shirts. Meanwhile, there was Leslie, smiling from ear-to-ear and enjoying the joyful jubilance of her family.

The last photo in this series says it all and I can’t wait to meet their son or daughter in a few months.

Special thanks to the Larsen Family as their local park works great for young children on the move!


lisa richmond photography pollock pines family photographer placerville family photographer_0005
lisa richmond photography pollock pines family photographer placerville family photographer_0006
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Lindia and her Family, Pollock Pines, CA

Lindia is a friend and neighbor. We have gotten to know each other while sharing a walking group on Mondays and our daughters play together. Up here in our close-knit community of Pollock Pines, when someone is struggling, we all feel it and gather to do whatever it is we can do to help. So, when I learned that Lindia had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I immediately knew it was time to schedule a shoot – some time to capture her fighting spirit and the love and support of her family as she begins treatment.

I originally had in mind a glamour shoot with Lindia, to photograph her beauty that shines through in her natural warmth and easy smile. I then thought we could add-in David and Elizabeth to capture their love for each other. But, the day before, Lindia decided to include her in-laws and father and so it became a fantastic opportunity to really document three generations of family love, connection and support.

Our session was scheduled for a Sunday after Lindia returned from a getaway cruise with girlfriends(+1:). The day after our shoot, Lindia donated her hair to Locks of Love. Such a beautiful act recognizing the journey that is ahead of her.

Lindia has such a strong spirit and, along with the loving support of her family and friends, I know she will be kicking this cancer to the curb as hard as she can, the same way I saw my own mother do many years ago.


lisa richmond photography northern california portrait and family photographer_0001
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography

lisa richmond pollock pines family photography

lisa richmond pollock pines family photography
lisa richmond pollock pines family photography

Devan – 5 months old – E. Portal Park, Sacramento

Alright, I gotta say it: I thought I was done with baby-making but this little guy might just have changed my mind.

(Just kidding, Jeff. Just kidding.)

But seriously… Devan is devastatingly cute. I met up with him and his mom and dad, Kim and Sean, at East Portal Park in Sacramento for the latest session in their baby package.

You may remember Kim and Sean’s wedding at Donner Lake in 2012 and one of my favorite engagement sessions was paddle-boarding with them on Lake Tahoe the prior July. It’s great to see them now as parents and they’re pretty awesome at it. They really have everything down to a fine art, including a mom/dad team effort, super-efficient diaper-change system that has Devan clean and back to playing in a jiffy. Which is just as well because Devan is full of exuberance, bouncing around with those oh-so-yummy knees as he enjoyed our park date in the sunshine. We even got to photograph a first: Devan’s premiere swing ride. I think he was quite taken with it.

Such a genuine and fun-loving family.















This right here is a picture from mom’s phone right after the session. I have this effect on babies. I’m guessing Kim and Sean didn’t mind.

kimsphoto of Devanpost shoot

Ben and Sam – Boeger Winery

Over the holidays last year, my office assistant, Rita’s, son, Ricky, built bottle cap snowmen and raised $2,300 for a wonderful local family.  You see, Shawna Huckaby’s eldest son, Ben, was diagnosed with cancer in July of last year and they have spent the best part of the last year undergoing treatments to fight it. Ben was supposed to be in Ricky’s class but has been unable to attend school due to the possibility of contracting a virus.

This is a small community and when someone is in-need, people rally together. For my part, I offered the family a shoot last year. Just this last week Shawna let me know they were ready to be photographed.

Of course, I say “they” but little brother, Sam, who is just two, was not exactly thrilled about the idea of being photographed. Ah, the toddler stage: the beginnings of physical agility and independence without the awareness or maturity to handle it. If you’re a parent you’ve been there. It’s a joyful but challenging time, chasing a toddler around.

Ben, however, had no such reservations. He is a brave and strong boy with beautiful and sweet blue eyes, something which Ben says everybody tells him:)  Like all six year olds, he wants to be running around but he is unable to because the consequences of getting hurt are too great. He wears this frustration with maturity and grace, something which he obviously gets from his mother who is an inspiration in her spirit and patience. Dealing with two young boys is exhausting at the best of times, but Ben’s illness adds an extra dose of challenge and anxiety.

I was so thrilled to capture Ben’s beautiful spirit with my camera and wish him a clean bill of health very soon.

Thanks to Boeger Winery and Shelley Morford for helping out!


Mike + Leslie – At home in Pollock Pines, CA

Mike and Leslie are our neighbors. Lucky me, they are so wonderful and kind. Mike is the guy who you can rely on to be at the end of the road in every snow storm, shrinking the burm from the plow with his shovel while Leslie is the kind neighbor who would drop anything for anyone at any time. They both helped us out on several occasions when our girls were younger and, when my assistant Jerri (who was also their daughter’s best friend) faced leaving her friends behind because her family was moving to Montana in her Senior year, they invited her to stay with them until she graduated.  So yeah, these are giving, generous people.

After almost 28 years of marriage, Mike still shares how much he loves Leslie’s independence and sass, while Leslie loves him for his unconditional love for her and his unswerving support for family, friends and community. It’s so wonderful to hear these fond words spoken by a couple who have lived most of their life together and who still share such a strong connection.

Like all couples, they have been tested through the years and the present day is no exception. Mike was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and he is just about to begin treatment to fight it. Which is how I found myself in front of their house with my camera, capturing them together before they begin this fight together.

I asked them what their secrets are for a happy marriage. Leslie told me it was putting Mike first and always working at being a good wife. Mike, he cited compromise and teamwork, sharing their life together.

I always find it’s the simplest of things that make a happy life and my work with couples and families always serves to remind me of this.

Sending prayers of strength, encouragement and support to Mike and Leslie for the coming months.