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Thanks for stopping by. Check in every so often to see recent photography sessions, weddings, and family fun. I also post little tidbits about my life and work so you can get to know me a little better. Take a peek, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Last week I met up with local high school senior Abby and her mom, Alice to capture this life milestone in Abby’s life and talk about the beginning of the next one. Abby and Alice have a wonderful mother/daughter relationship and I enjoyed observing them both take it all in; Abby, clearly excited about what is next and Alice, also excited for her but still preparing to see her youngest leave home. These sessions can be a shared rite of passage and as a mom myself, beautiful to be a part of.

With three college acceptances to choose from and graduation only a few short months away, Abby now gets to decide on schools in Washington, Oregon and  Southern California, where she plans to study education and become an elementary school teacher. Her proudest accomplishments at EDHS were playing on the volley ball team(with my photography assistant Riley), and also teaching in the special needs program. Congratulations Abby!

Special thanks to Erin for assisting on this one!



It gets fuzzy but I think I first met Justin when he was about 8 years old. Marcia, his mom asked me in on a project dear to her…to document their children playing in their long time family home that they were preparing to sell. The kids playing on the swing set, fishing on the pond, the afternoon light streaming through their kitchen window and even their dog standing in the front doorway waiting to be called outside- all those memories you want to hold onto forever.  It was a fun project and we put together a beautiful book to help remember their beloved home titled, “4114 North Canyon Road”.  After some senior sessions with oldest daughter Rachel and son Ryan over the years, it is finally Justin’s turn, to move in the direction of the front door of their new home, on his way out into the world to whatever the future brings.

The session was playful and fun. Afterwards, I sent Marcia and Geoff and email, “Your son is absolutely charming, adorable and kind. I really enjoyed getting to know him better as we plodded around High Hill searching for art and light…He’s got a wonderful, confident and humble connection to the world around him that made me smile. Congrats. I know you are super proud. I can only hope for something similar for my own offspring.”

Here’s the thing, there is no defined plan for raising kids, no chart to follow, no graph to plot, and even the most different of approaches can still yield fabulous and connected kids. It’s work that we lovingly undertake without knowing how it is all going to turn out. Sigh.

Justin plans on a gap year after graduation and is heading to Europe for that oh so exciting international exploration. I want to be eighteen again! Oh, and something funny, his only requirement for this session was that his images were better than those of his brother, Ryan. Love that!


  • Nana - March 19, 2015 - 12:36 pm

    What a cutie!



Going from two to three is a big change. In fact going from one to two is a big change, but also different. An engagement, to a wedding to a pregnancy to a birth. I feel so fortunate to get to capture these changes and to capture the love. When Nyron was just 9 days old I spent some time with him at his home witnessing all those adoring moments of being a new parent. It’s a time you can’t get back and truly incredible to witness their love for this little boy they brought into the world. Nyron, couldn’t be any more lucky than to have Kailey and Matt as his mom and dad. This was my first time at their home and as a photographer it was rewarding to see some of my captures of them over the years displayed on their walls(hey Matt- where was your framed senior picture?). I love having this history with my clients…and Nyron, WHAT a love—yup- I got my newborn snuggles in this time too!

  • Kailey Moravek - March 18, 2015 - 2:24 pm

    So many beautiful pictures of my squishy newborn and his daddy! I love that our engagement photos which were taken by you are in the background of some of these photos. It truly captures our whole love story. We are so lucky to know you, Lisa, and to have had you capture all these perfect moments as we build our life together. Thank you so much for your beautiful vision!

LISA-RICHMOND-PHOTOGRAPHY_1323My friends, Nate and Shelley are making it official on August 14 this year at the Sacramento Yacht Club. They will be surrounded by close friends and family and in fact, the cool thing is that their friends are my friends too! I don’t often photograph friends’ weddings mostly because I am not very good at multi tasking wedding photographer and wedding guest. In fact, I don’t think anyone is. It’s usually one or the other for me. If I’m photographing a wedding, that is where my brain is- I guess it is muscle memory and hard to turn off with a camera in my hand:)

Nate and Shelley are generous, caring and love to laugh and I’m very excited to do this for them.  They picked a Friday night and were willing to do all of their photography in advance of the ceremony.  Cruising around West Sac with them will be fun! After capturing what I am sure will be a memorable ceremony, I’ll slide down the dinosaur tail and join my family and “the crew” for the big celebration. (did anyone get the Flintstone reference?…whatever.)

These two are so full of love for each other…it is a beautiful thing to be around and well, also fun to capture as a photographer. It is one of the reasons why I love wedding photography. We had such a great time cruising around Placerville, making an evening of it and just being in the creative flow. Nate, also a photographer enjoyed taking some time on the other side of the camera…well, at least I hope he did…Of course he did- just some more time in his day to love on his fiancee!

After our session we joined friends at The Wine Smith on Main Street and then headed over to Bene for some pizza. A perfectly Placerville evening. Thank you! Oh, and thanks to Tasha, my assistant who can cruise around Placerville with the best of them!


  • Liz Salmon - March 18, 2015 - 10:43 am

    Very nice pictures Lisa, you captured Nate and Shelley’s true happiness. I am so happy for the both of them. Thanks

  • lisarichmond - March 17, 2015 - 1:34 pm

    awww…now you’re making me bawl…love you all!

  • Shelley - March 17, 2015 - 1:30 pm

    Oh my gosh, I’m bawling over your kind words and over how you captured us. I’ve never felt more me. You are beyond the beyond and then some with your talent Miss Lisa!!

LISA-RICHMOND-PHOTOGRAPHY_1307A part of my website that describes some little anecdotes from my years as a photographer states, “The sight of a Tacoma extended cab, packed to the gills with mountain bikes and kayaks, lights a fire to my imagination. Their truck in my driveway, Tiffany and Keith brought me the promise of adventure, fresh scenery, and an attitude I love.”

Tiff and Keith. Since 2009 and their pre-wedding engagement photographs, this has held true. I love this “fresh scenery” and getting to work and play with all of them year after year. A Nevada City wedding, 2 births, some bike riding maternity shots and riverside family photographs all along the way, I am grateful to call Tiff and Keith friends.

Fresh home from a photography workshop, I have been working in some new ideas into my photography and am always grateful for the comfortability of  knowing a family and how they roll. I’m free to explore with them…much like their lucky son, Finn. As often happens with a 3 year old, we all spent some time exploring and running around with Finn, a vivacious, 3 year old, ALL BOY with amazing big brown eyes. Little Freya is a love and a half with a smile that you can’t help but mimic watching it e x p l o d e in front of you. Tiff and Keith are amazing parents and always working hard to be the best they can to each other and to their children. I remember having children that age. Whew! It’s not always easy. In fact, I don’t remember it ever being easy. We played, we ran, we rolled and we chased the gorgeous late afternoon light around the Botanical Gardens in Fair Oaks. These kids are growing up so fast. Thanks Tiff and Keith- it’s always fun with you all!

I cracked up when I saw this image below. Isn’t this just how you imagine all of your photographs will turn out as you head off after a session, wardrobe decisions behind you but completely exhausted, moving on to what you’re going to feed your two young ones for dinner? It’s perfectly real and I love it!


  • sally and doug taylor - March 14, 2015 - 8:03 pm

    These pictures are absolutely great. I loved the natural setting, but best of all the expressions of the kids.

  • Kathy Rowland - March 13, 2015 - 7:46 am

    LISA, these photographs are fantastic. What a gift to see them here. We have known Tiffany since she was 7 years old. I love your write up on the Wohlwends. You nailed their personalities in your description. Your creative gifts are incredible. Love these!