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Thanks for stopping by. Check in every so often to see recent photography sessions, weddings, and family fun. I also post little tidbits about my life and work so you can get to know me a little better. Take a peek, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

As you might have remembered, Casey Moreland came in to this world with a bang, stunning her mama whose labor progressed from just getting started to delivery in about 30 minutes.

Casey continues to capture my heart, as does her family who are warm, loving and engaged. Photographing Newborn Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming a passion of mine because of the story I get to tell of a baby’s first days in their new home. Baby is relaxed and the family is connected because, well, home is where the heart is.

Can’t wait to meet up with The Moreland Family in 6 months. Those deep, warm brown eyes and flashy smile are such a treat!



9.20.14: the wedding day of Jamie and Roman, and the infamous King Fire started just one week before. If you were getting married that weekend in the Pollock Pines area, you weren’t really sure where your wedding would be. After several days of thick smoke-filled skies, a bit of blue emerged through the billows for Jamie and Roman’s wedding at Sierra Banquet Center.

Although the King Fire had pushed northeast settling our nerves down a bit locally, everyone’s knee-jerk reaction was to look up when they heard planes flying overhead to see what kind of aircraft it was; a jet dropping fire retardant, a helicopter with a water bucket, or a rescue helicopter. During the toasts, between references to baseball team rivalries, this exact thing happened. Of course, it was partly because no one could hear themselves over the drum of the engines, but also, as a community we were all on high alert, ready for the fire to blow back towards us. Jamie and Roman were even spotlighted that night on Channel 13 news in a segment that ran as “Life after the Fire.”

This could sound like a tense day, but if you like to laugh and have fun, you’d love Jamie and Roman and their friends. A large wedding party, and a whole passel of friends braved the prospect of the fire (in full force not all that far away) to help the bride and groom celebrate in style. Jamie was walked down the aisle by her two brothers, Matt and David. Sunflowers are her favorite flowers and they were prominent in her bouquets, exquisitely crafted by Camino Flower Shop.

Jamie’s twin sister, Julie (whose anniversary is the same day) and husband Brian were actually clients of mine for their wedding back in 2008. McKenna, Jamie and Roman’s son, loved dancing and ruled the dance floor. A spontaneous “rain dance” yielded a few drops from the evening sky as the celebration was winding down and who knows? Maybe it helped bring the heavy downpours later in the week for which we are all so grateful.

Venue: Sierra Banquet Center <> | Music: Professional Mobile DJ | Florist: Camino Flower Shop | Cake Artist: D’Agostino Delights Bakery



I offer complimentary services for birth photography as a special gift to my wedding clients. Births are full of that raw emotion, just like weddings. And, just like weddings, it takes a certain trust and comfort with the photographer to record these life-milestones in a sensitive, graceful, personal way while respecting family members and the process. How grateful I am to be trusted by these moms!

I love getting to share in these amazing moments with my couples. They are another step in the lives they began together back when I witnessed their weddings. Check out Katrina’s Family maternity session here.    Here is their wedding blog…

Since births are usually not scheduled, I am unable to commit to being there (even though I usually make it!).  But planning was a bit easier this time with Katrina and Joe because technically, this birth was scheduled. Baby Casey was taking her time and she was approaching her 2 weeks past due date so an induction was scheduled for the safety of baby and mom.

Actually, I really should have been able to make it, since I was just 10 miles down the road from the hospital doing a newborn (10 days old) shoot with another family. At about 2:00 pm, I got a text saying that things were still moving slowly, but they would keep me posted on Casey’s progress. At about 3:00, I received a text that said Katrina was dilated at 3.5cm. Ok, I thought, Later tonight. Plenty of time.

At 3:20 I received another text saying simply, “It’s happening now.” I thought to myself, WHAT is happening now? You were just 3.5cm 20 minutes ago and texted a “?”. No response. There was no way, right? 3.5-10cm in 20 minutes? (for the record, that took me days:)I decided to finish up my newborn session and head over.

Yes, there was a way, apparently. A bright and shiny new Casey arrived just 35 minutes after the 3.5cm text.

I made my own arrival just about 10-20 minutes after her birth. Katrina and Joe were already adoring their newest daughter. She is fabulous with beautiful lips, eyes, and a smooth personality. I can’t wait to share her newborn session with brother Jordan and sister Shayla. Congratulations, Moreland family!



A lifestyle session captures your family just as your family is. It is about letting go and just being yourselves–unscripted. It is about capturing images that are real and not perfect. AND it is just about the easiest way to roll when you have a newborn and a three-year-old…perhaps the only way to roll.

This session was about welcoming Baby Freya into her new home. After capturing big brother Finn’s first year, I couldn’t be happier to get to document their growing family, their love for life, and for each other.  I have been photographing this family for years (actually before they even were THE Wohlwends) and Tiffany and Keith joked about their “lifetime photography plan.”

Welcome to your family, Freya. Finn and Freya, you couldn’t be any luckier.

Love you all!

That’s a wrap!

I have known Tiffany and Keith since we first met many years ago discussing their upcoming wedding. As my website declares, “The sight of a Tacoma extended cab, packed to the gills with mountain bikes and kayaks, lights a fire to my imagination. Their truck in my driveway, Tiffany and Keith brought me the promise of adventure, fresh scenery, and an attitude I love.”

And have they delivered!

We’ve been friends ever since and I have gotten the pleasure of documenting their family as it grows. I often offer my services for births, mostly as a fly on the wall guest, complimentary for my previous wedding clients…the trick is, I have to be available since the timing of these amazing life events are not planned. If I can make it, I am there for you! For Finn’s birth, their first child, I arrived about 7 minutes after his birth. Even so, these are still magnificent moments; yummy, warm and connected that are as fresh as the day you recite your vows, in the presence of your friends and family, to your forever love.

Tiffany went into labor on a Saturday morning. I was going to make it this time and was determined. However, I had a gathering I wanted to attend that evening for some friends who were just back to town after an international adventure. Keith and Tiff kept me posted all day long via text about how things were progressing. Their doula, Cyndi Whitwell who would be helping Tiffany through what I think was her 871 st birth, was also my doula at Jaz’s birth(I think I was in the 500’s somewhere). Cyndi’s calming influence and vast experience helped me, from afar, stay connected to the timing predictions so I could jump in my car and head over at about the right time and hopefully not miss it this time. So grateful for her experience and willingness to share her knowledge.

When I walked into the room, maybe around 9pm or so, I was relieved that I had MADE IT! About an hour or so later, Baby Freya was born and we were back to yummy, warm and connected, again. I am so lucky that I get to experience these moments and, at the same time, support moms who invite me into their delivery room.

Love you all!


Look at those beautiful hands!


Keith grabbing some snuggle time…


Freya peaks up at her mom and dad. One of the luckiest girls in the world!


  • Tiffany - September 30, 2014 - 5:04 pm

    I love these pictures! What a great way to bring back such wonderful memories of the fun, relaxed, and amazing birth of baby Freya. Thank you Lisa.